Danzig Marriage Religion

Reading 19th century German script takes practise, even with high quality scans. One way to learn is to see interpreted examples. The following table gives examples of the religions found on Danzig civil marriages:
English German Sample Another Sample
Evangelic (Protestant) evangelischer
Catholic katholischer
Apostolic Catholic apostolisch katholischer
German Catholicdeutsch katholischer
Roman Catholicrömisch katholischer
Greek Catholicgri[e]chisch katholischer
Reformed reformirter
Reformed Evangelical evangelischer reformirter
Mennonite mennonitischer
Free of Religion friereligiöser [glaubens]
Dissident dissident / dissidentin
without religion ohne
no specific religionohne bestimmte
Baptist babtist, babtistir, baptistischer
Lutheran lutherischer
Old Lutheran altlutherischer
Evangelic Lutheran evangelisch lutherischer
Protestant protestantischer
israelitischer Not seen (yet) from Danzig. The example comes from a birth record in the Rhineland.

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